Best Freebie Sites: Your Ultimate Guide to Free Stuff (2024)

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Everyone loves getting free stuff, and with the internet at your fingertips, it’s easier than ever to find great freebies. And, if you are on a tight budget or trying to save money, free is never more important.

The key is knowing where to look and how to navigate through countless websites offering giveaways and promotions. Luckily, we can help you find the best freebie websites and free sample websites!

In this article, you’ll learn about the top sites where you can score free items, from household products and beauty supplies to gift cards and more.

By choosing the right resources, you’ll save time and money while discovering new and exciting products to try.

So, let’s jump into the world of online freebies and find the perfect sites for you to explore for finding free stuff.

As you begin your search, remember to stay cautious and only trust reputable sites. The online landscape is filled with scams and time-wasters that you’ll want to avoid.

By sticking to the best sources, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of free items without the hassle. Happy hunting!

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21 Best Freebie Websites

Best Freebie Sites: Your Ultimate Guide to Free Stuff (1)

1. Freeflys

At Freeflys, you can browse a wide variety of the best free samples and freebies from different companies.

This freebie site is easy to use, and categories are well-organized, allowing you to find free stuff that suits your interests.

Freeflys also offers email notifications to keep you updated on new freebies and sample offers.

Plus, they have tons of top name beauty brands you can get free items from like Lancome and L’Oreal!

2. PINCHme

PINCHme is a popular freebie site that allows you to receive a box of free samples each month. To get started, you need to create a profile and fill out some information about your preferences.

Based on your profile, PINCHme sends you a box of free samples, and all you have to do is provide honest feedback about the products you’ve tried. You can get new sample boxes every month.

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3. SampleSource

Free sample websites like SampleSource connect you with brands looking to share totally free stuff and samples of their products. To participate, create an account and fill out your profile.

When new give away samples are available, SampleSource will notify you. You can choose the samples you want to try, and they’ll be delivered to your doorstep.

4. Smiley360

As a member of Smiley360, you’ll have the opportunity to earn free products in exchange for your honest opinions.

By participating in campaigns and sharing your experience on social media, you can earn points and unlock more free stuff.

The platform is easy to navigate, and you can track your participation and rewards through your profile.

5. Freebies4Mom

Freebies4Mom is a great resource for free stuff online, printable coupons, and other deals. The site is targeted towards moms, but anyone can benefit from their variety of give away offers, including free eBooks, home products, and beauty samples.

Freebies4Mom is constantly updated with new offers, ensuring you always have fresh options to explore of legit free samples.

This is one of the best freebie sites since it also has tons of coupons and deals you can take advantage of.

6. FreebiesDip

Freebies Dip is a one of the best freebie sites that offers free stuff online as well as coupons and hot deals. They have many different categories, including one dedicated to Amazon deals.

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Best Freebie Sites: Your Ultimate Guide to Free Stuff (3)

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7. I Love Free Things

Another excellent site to find free stuff online on is I Love Free Things. You can find tons of free samples and freebies including reward boxes, Lyft ride credits, food, pet items, kitchen supplies and more. This list is endless!

8. daily Goodie Box

Best Freebie Sites: Your Ultimate Guide to Free Stuff (4)

Daily Goodie Box is a best freebie site where you can get boxes of household products and food items. All they ask in return is that you review the products.

Your reviews and ratings are done on their website and only take a few minutes. They’ve partnered with over 300 brands, so there are lots of freebie options for you.

9. My Free Product Samples

My Free Product Samples is another great sample site to leverage for free things. They have lists and links to offers from across the internet where you can get genuine freebies.

They also have freebies coupons, giveaways and deals sweepstakes. The free products you can get include beauty, food, health and more.

The nice thing about freebie websites like this is they’ve done all the work for you. Pulling all the best offers into one place.

10. Snag Free Samples

Snag Free Samples is actually a website that lists many promotions and free sample opportunities across the internet that you can take advantage of.

Categories of samples include food, beauty, home and health, making it one of the best freebie sites.

11. Influenster

Influenster is a community where you can access free samples and product reviews from like-minded individuals.

As a member, you’ll need to complete your profile and connect your social media accounts to be eligible for freebies called VoxBoxes.

The more active you are on the platform, the more likely you are to receive free samples from top brands.

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12. is another best freebie website that offers free items you can take advantage of. It is one of the best free websites because it includes links to many sites where you can sign up for free stuff.

There are free items online, free stuff in the mail, free cosmetics and more. Plus they have lost of tips for you. They also provide links to companies that will give you free things on your birthday.

13. is on of the best websites for freebies because they update the free samples list every day.

You can get free samples in food, wine, health and even pets. Plus they also offer lots of free coupons and special deals. You can even get free gym membership trials, and free food from nearby restaurants. Sites like this one have many offers.

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14. Sweet Free Stuff

Sweet Free Stuff is a free sample website. They offer access to samples from big brands like Huggies and Taco Bell. You can sign up and get a free sample box regularly.

They have a ton of categories of free samples and free stuff:

  • Books
  • Beauty
  • Baby
  • Birthday freebies
  • Digital
  • Coupons & deals
  • Kid’s free stuff
  • Pet
  • Magazines

15. Free Stuff Finder

Free Stuff Finder is a website that shares promotions from other big companies like CVS and Walgreen’s. You can get special deals and coupons for saving money as well free items.

The categories of items included on this freebies site are free baby items, free health samples and free food.

16. INboxDollars

InboxDollars is a website where you can earn money for tasks, and get free samples. You can get $5 just as a sign up bonus. You can take surveys and find deals and cash back for shopping online.

Best Freebie Sites: Your Ultimate Guide to Free Stuff (5)

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17. Just Free Stuff

Another one of the freebie sites where you can get free stuff online is at Just Free Stuff. They have free samples you can take advantage of as well as sweepstakes and even free subscriptions.

You can sign up for their newsletter and stay on top of the most recent deals.

18. Reddit Stream r/freebies

Did you know there is a Reddit community that is just for sharing where you can find free stuff? It is this community, and you will need to sign up of course.

19. Craigslist

Don’t forget about some of the old stand-bys! While Craigslist has been around forever, it is still a great resource.

You can find tons of free stuff on here. Maybe even enough to resell and make a little extra money for yourself.

20. The Freecycle NEtwork

There is actually a non profit organization called The Freecycle Network where you can find free stuff. And, you can give away things for free that you don’t want.

You will need to search for a group that is local to you first.

21. BzzAgent

If you are looking for free products, try BzzAgent. It is a product testing platform, so you have to give your feedback on products that you try.

To get started, you fill out surveys to determine your interests. And then they will start sending you tons of genuine freebies! You may be asked to share your opinions on social media though.

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Other Free Stuff Sites

Here are some sites that keep lists of freebies you can take advantage of and are updated daily.

For the Mammas

For the Mammasis a great resource of free items online. They update the site a few times a day with the latest offers and deals from across the internet.

The Krazy Coupon Lady

You may have heard of The Krazy Coupon Lady. Her website pulls together all the best coupons and deals plus lots of personal finance tips.

She also provides lists of the latest freebies and samples you can take advantage of.

Mommy and Me News

Mommy and Me News is an excellent resource for moms and families. They give away coupons and free things from top brands like Zulily and Toms.

Tips on Getting Freebies

Best Freebie Sites: Your Ultimate Guide to Free Stuff (6)Photo by Anna Shvets

Create a Dedicated Email Address

To avoid cluttering your primary inbox with various newsletters and promotional offers, you should create a dedicated email address specifically for signing up for freebies.

This way, you can organize all your freebie-related correspondence in one place, making it easier to manage and keep track of deals while keeping your personal email address secure.

Sign Up for Newsletters

Many of the best freebie sites, such as Free Stuff Finder and Just Free Stuff, offer newsletters that provide you with the latest freebies, discounts, and promotions. They put together lists of the best websites for free stuff for you.

By signing up for these newsletters, you will have access to the best deals and offers as soon as they become available.

In addition, some reward platforms like Swagbucksand InboxDollars also offer thier newsletters to keep you informed of exclusive opportunities and offers.

Join Rewards Programs

Lastly, consider joining rewards programs that offer free memberships, like Swagbucks and InboxDollars.

These platforms reward you with points or cash for completing various online activities such as shopping, searching the web, or taking surveys.

These points can then be redeemed for free merchandise, free gift cards, or even free cash. By being a member of these programs, you can maximize your freebie experience and optimize the benefits of using the mentioned freebie sites.

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Categories of Freebies and Free Samples Available

Best Freebie Sites: Your Ultimate Guide to Free Stuff (7)

Food and Snack Samples

One of the most popular categories of freebies available is food and snack samples. These usually range from single-serving snacks to trial-sized coffee packs or sample boxes.

By visiting freebie websites, you can sometimes find deals on new or popular food items, allowing you to try before buying in bulk.

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Health and Beauty Products

Beauty and health samples are another popular category on freebie websites. You can often find free makeup, skincare products, and even over-the-counter medications.

By taking advantage of these offers, it’s possible to test out a variety of beauty and health products without spending a dime.

Baby Products

When it comes to baby products, freebies websites often offer a range of options, including diapers, wipes, and even small toys.

This is great news for parents looking to save money and try out different brands for their little ones before committing to a purchase.

Clothing and Accessories

While it may seem surprising, there are occasionally opportunities to obtain free clothing and accessories through the best freebie websites.

These offers may include promotional items, such as t-shirts or hats, or even more substantial items like shoes and outerwear.

Keep an eye out for these deals, as they can be a great way to explore new styles or add to your wardrobe at no cost.

Pet Supplies

Lastly, pet owners can also find freebies that cater specifically to their furry friends. Websites may offer samples of dog food, cat treats, and various pet toys.

Picking up these freebies not only saves you money but also allows you to test out new products for your pets.

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Established Companies Offering Free PRoducts

Best Freebie Sites: Your Ultimate Guide to Free Stuff (8)


Walmart is a well-known retail giant, and they also offer free products to their customers. You can often find Walmart free samples on their website or by visiting their stores.

Some common items you might receive include beauty products, food samples, and diapers.

To get the best freebies from Walmart, make sure to check their website regularly and sign up for their newsletter to stay updated.


Target, another leading retail chain, is also known for providing free samples. Their freebie options range from household items to beauty products and even baby items.

To take advantage of Target’s free samples, sign up for their registry and you could receive a welcome kit filled with samples and coupons.

You can also find Target free samples on their website, or by visiting their physical stores.

  • Keep an eye on their website
  • Sign up for their registry
  • Collect in-store freebies

Honest Company

The Honest Company, founded by Jessica Alba, is a popular brand offering eco-friendly baby and beauty products.

They frequently provide free trial packs for new customers making it one of our top samples sites.

To get your hands on free samples from the Honest Company, visit their website and sign up to receive a free trial of either their baby or beauty products boxes.

Please note that you will have to pay for shipping, but the products themselves are free.

Here are a few tips for getting freebies from the Honest Company:

  • Visit their website regularly
  • Sign up for their trial boxes
  • Stay updated on their social media platforms

Receiving Exclusive Freebies

Best Freebie Sites: Your Ultimate Guide to Free Stuff (9)

Birthday Freebies

Everyone deserves something special on their birthday, and many companies offer exclusive free products to help you celebrate your special day.

You can enjoy everything from a free dessert to a discount on your shopping trip. Be sure to sign up for company newsletters or loyalty programs at least a month before your birthday to receive notifications and exclusive offers.

Remember, many birthday promotions are personalized and linked to your account, so you’ll need to provide your birth date while subscribing, and they’ll send your gift on your birthday.

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Avoiding Scams and Spam

Watch Out for Suspicious Websites

When searching for legitimate freebies, it’s crucial that you exercise caution and only visit reputable sites.

Some websites may appear legitimate but are actually set up to collect your personal information or trick you into downloading harmful software. You want to make sure you are visiting the safest and most legitimate websites for freebies.

Make sure to look for certain signs that indicate a website’s legitimacy, such as:

  • Clear and detailed privacy policies
  • Trustworthy domain names (.com, .org, etc.)
  • Secure connection (https://)

Protect Your Personal Information

While signing up for freebies, be mindful of the information you’re providing. In order to protect your privacy, follow these guidelines:

  • Never share sensitive information (Social Security Number, bank account details, etc.)
  • Use a separate, dedicated email address for freebie hunting to avoid cluttering your primary inbox with spam
  • Be cautious when providing your phone number, as it may lead to unsolicited calls or texts

Remember, legitimate freebie websites offers should not require too much personal information. If you come across an offer that seems too good to be true or asks for sensitive data, it’s best to steer clear.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can minimize the risk of scams and spam while enjoying the many legitimate freebies available online..

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Freebie site?

A freebie site is just a website where you can sign up to get free things! You can get free products through company samples, or coupons for free items, or even just free things people local to your area are giving away.

Where can I find free samples online?

You can find free samples online at several websites that offer promotional items and goods for consumers. Any of the sites in our list above will work!

These websites usually receive products from companies for testing and promotion. Some of the most popular websites for finding free samples include Free, Freeflys, and Sample Source.

What Sites Offer Free Stuff?

Some legit free stuff websites you may want to check out are PINCHme, Just Free Stuff, Swagbucks, InboxDollars, Rebaid,, Go Freebies, and 2000 Freebies.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions before committing to any website to verify their legitimacy.

Which companies offer freebies?

Many companies offer freebies, especially when they are launching new products and looking for product testers.

Companies often collaborate with websites like those mentioned above to offer free samples or promotional items.

Be sure to also check the company’s own website or social media pages for any ongoing freebies or promotions.

How can I get free gifts from companies?

To get free gifts from companies, keep an eye out for promotional offers and giveaways on their websites or social media channels. Getting items direct can be some of the best freebies out there.

You can also sign up for newsletters or email updates from companies to stay informed of any exclusive freebies.

Another option is to join the aforementioned freebie sites to get notified of available gifts from various brands and companies.

Which websites have free Stuff near me?

Websites like Craigslist, Freecycle, and Facebook Marketplace often have a “free items” section where people in your local community may be offering goods at no cost.

Be cautious when using these platforms, though, and always ensure the items are safe and functional before taking them home.

Where to find free music samples?

Several websites offer free music samples for creators, musicians, and producers.

Free samples sites like Splice, Loopmasters, and MusicRadar are suitable places to find royalty-free music samples and loops. Make sure to check the licensing terms before using any music samples in your projects.

Does Amazon Give Away Free Samples?

While Amazon does not provide completely free samples, they do have a sample program you might want to take advantage of as called Prime Sample.

The way it works you actually buy a sample of a product you want to try which is usually between $2 and $4. But, when you buy the sample, you get a credit equal to the price you paid for the sample. You can use the credits to pay for future purchases of that product in full size.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many opportunities for you to find free stuff online. Click through to all these best websites and start getting you own free items!

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