How To Watch Married At First Sight Australia Season 11 Online And Stream All Episodes From Anywhere (2024)

How To Watch Married At First Sight Australia Season 11 Online And Stream All Episodes From Anywhere (1)

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How to watch Married at First Sight Australia Season 11

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Premiered: January 29
Final Episodes: April 8
Stream: All episodes now available on 9Now (AU)
Watch anywhere: Stream from anywhere with NordVPN

Watch Married at First Sight Australia: Recap

Like the relationships themselves,Marriage at First Sight Australiais a commitment, and the more you give the more you get back. With Season 11 now wrapped, you can dive straight in and watch all episodes back-to-back. An explosive season of betrayal, misogyny, and maybe sweet, blissful love along the way, you can now descend into mayhem at the dinner parties and find out which couples made it to the commitment ceremonies at the end.

11 seasons in, you should know the format by now (and if you don't, the title sums it up). A collective of singletons entrust clinical sexologist Alessandra Rampolla, dating guru Melissa Schilling and relationship maestro John Aiken with setting up the arranged marriage of their dreams, and when almost everything inevitably goes awry, The Experts assure them that it's all par for the course to true love.

From self-confessed soft boi and professional boxer Jayden to brick wall Timothy, the season also features Married at First Sight Australia's oldest ever groom, as well as "beast couple" Jack and Tori, both of whom will really get under your skin.

Who will make it to final vows? Now is the time to catch up on all 38 episodes with all the details on this year's contestants, couples and exactly how to watch Married at First Sight Australia Season 11 online below.

Watch Married at First Sight in Australia Season 11

How To Watch Married At First Sight Australia Season 11 Online And Stream All Episodes From Anywhere (2)

Free-to-air Channel 9 remains the home of Married at First Sight in Australia. Season 11 premiered Monday, January 29, with the Reunion episode airing on Monday, April 8.

100% free to use, wou can now stream all 38 episodes on 9Now. All you need to do is sign up with your email and a password.

Remember, 9Now locks its content to Australia. So if you're from Down Under but away from home, you can simply sign up to a VPN to appear as if you're right back at home.

How to watch Married at First Sight Australia from anywhere

If you're an Aussie citizen on vacation or working overseas, you can still watch Married at First Sight Australia just as you would at home.

While 9Now blocks access from IP addresses outside of Australia, there's a handy piece of software called a VPN that can change your IP address to make it look like you're accessing streaming services from any country in the world.

For example, Australian citizens currently in the States can subscribe to a VPN, join an Australia-based server and tune into all the programmes on 9Now from anywhere in the world, just like they would back home.

Watch Married at First Sight Australia as if you were at home with a VPN
Try out NordVPN, our choice of the best VPN for unblocking many of the major streaming services – and doing so speedily – including 9Now. You'll be able to stream from any device, including your mobile or desktop, TV, or gaming console. Incredibly secure, too, get assistance with its 24/7 customer support and enjoy a 30-day money back guarantee.

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How to use a VPN to unblock streaming services:

1. Choose your ideal VPN and install – our go-to recommendation for unblocking is NordVPN, costing from $3.99 a month with its 2-year plan

2. Connect to a server – for 9Now, for example, you'll want to connect to a server based in the Australia

3. Go to the stream you wish to access- forMarried at First Sight Australia, head to9Now.

Watch Married at First Sight Australia Season 11 online in the UK

How To Watch Married At First Sight Australia Season 11 Online And Stream All Episodes From Anywhere (4)

Married at First Sight Australia season 11 is being shown on free-to-air channel E4 in the UK, having premiered on Monday, February 26. Episodes air at 7.30pm BST.

You'll also be able to stream episodes online on the network's on-demand service called Channel 4, which you can access on desktop and through a wide range of devices via its app.

It's free to sign up to stream Channel 4. All you need is an email address, a UK postcode (e.g. SW1P 2TX) and a valid TV licence.

Away from the UK while MAFS Australia is on? Use a VPN and follow the instructions above to access Channel 4 like you would at home.

How to watch Married at First Sight Australia in North America

Married at First Sight Australia airs on Lifetime in the US, though at the time of writing it isn't clear when Season 11 will come out. Again, we'd hazard a guess at early March.

Lifetime is included with many cable TV packages, but you can still tune in to Married at First Sight Australia without one.

The My Lifetime streaming platform, for instance, lets you watch numerous movies and TV shows, including previous seasons of MAFS Australia, for free, and you don't even need an account. Some content, however, requires you to input your cable login details.

Lifetime is also accessible via a number of OTT streaming services.

OurSling TV. Offering over 30 channels depending on which of its baseline packages you go for, prices start from $40 a month. Currently, though, you cansave 50% on your first month. Opt for either its Blue or Orange plan to get Lifetime.

We believe the cable cutter offers one of the most cable-like experiences, while theSling TV priceremains more affordable than other alternatives.

You can also access Lifetime throughFuboTV,Philo and Hulu with Live TV.

Remember, though: if you're an Aussie abroad, you can use a VPN and access 9Now streams as if you were back home. Full instructions above.

Married At First Sight Australia Season 11 Contestants

The Grooms:

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Ben 39Tour guideNew South Wales
Collins 28Executive assistantNew South Wales
Jack 34Personal trainerQueensland
Jayden 26Professional kickboxerQueensland
Jonathan 39Health business ownerNew South Wales
Michael 34SalesmanVictoria
Richard 62Motivational speakerNew South Wales
Stephen 26HairdresserPerth
Tim 31Online business ownerQueensland
Timothy 51Business ownerVictoria
Tristan 30Event managerNew South Wales
Ash 33Sales managerMelbourne
Ridge 27Psychiatric nurseSydney

The Brides:

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Andrea 51PhotographerQueensland
Cassandra 29Administration officerQueensland
Eden 28Recruitment managerQueensland
Ellie 32Registered nurseQueensland
Lauren 32PR and marketing consultantWestern Australia
Lucinda 43MC and wedding celebrantNew South Wales
Natalie 32PhysiotherapistVictoria
Sara 29NutritionistNew South Wales
Tori 27Business development managerVictoria
Madeleine 30MediumMelbourne
Jade 26Executive assistantGold Coast

Married At First Sight Australia Season 11 Couples

  • Sara & Tim
  • Cassandra & Tristan
  • Lucinda & Timothy
  • Tori & Jack
  • Eden & Jayden
  • Ellie & Ben
  • Andrea & Richard
  • Lauren & Jonathan
  • Natalie & Collins
  • Michael & Stephen
  • Jade & Ridge
  • Ash & Madeleine


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How To Watch Married At First Sight Australia Season 11 Online And Stream All Episodes From Anywhere (5)

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How To Watch Married At First Sight Australia Season 11 Online And Stream All Episodes From Anywhere (2024)
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