Windows System Control Center - The Portable Freeware Collection (2024)

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Windows System Control Centerv7.0.8.0Updated

Ennovy on 16 Apr 2024 Change history

  • 5MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 16 Apr 2024
  • Suggested by joby_toss

Windows System Control Center (WSCC) allows you to install, update, execute and organize the utilities from various system utility suites. The program either works as an interface or as downloader. The program can work with both utilities suites downloaded or can dynamically grab and run the programs via a web connection. The included Update Manager can check for newer versions of the utilities already installed and can download and install the missing items.

Works with Windows Sysinternals and NirSoft Utilities suites, but also highlights Windows' own utilities.

Note: The setup packages are downloaded from the author's website.

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  • System - Installation/Configuration (63)
  • System - Miscellaneous (51)
Runs on:WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10 / Win11
Writes settings to:Application folder and Windows registry (Sysinternals utilities)
Unicode support:Yes
License:Free for personal use
How to extract:Download the "Portable" ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch wscc.exe.
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31 comments on Windows System Control Center

jenss2024-01-01 04:50

Now at version


AndTheWolf2023-11-11 13:54

Now at version


AndTheWolf2022-12-10 21:08

Now at version


AndTheWolf2022-11-12 20:23

Now at version


AndTheWolf2022-10-10 13:01

Now at version


AndTheWolf2022-09-10 15:09

Now at version


AndTheWolf2022-06-10 20:57

Now at version


AndTheWolf2022-03-11 20:29

Now at version


AndTheWolf2022-01-11 18:49

Now at version


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Andrew Lee2021-11-13 07:09

Seems legit to me. The version history says this is a new major release that supports Windows 11. There is even a bug fix release out today.


olliebean2021-11-13 04:50

This has leapt suddenly from v4 to v7, and the new version isn't showing up in the built-in updater. Is this a legitimate update? Seems a bit dodgy.


AndTheWolf2021-09-11 20:47

Now at version


AndTheWolf2021-05-20 19:56

Now at version


joby_toss2016-04-16 13:27

Check the forum topic.


TP1092016-04-16 12:34

The download page shows as the freeware version, appears to be the payware version.


Midas2015-05-14 10:37

Sorry, sl23, no insight on that, since I'm not a user of either SyMenu or PAF portables -- I prefer to roll my own... :)

Notwithstanding, if still interested, check the following forum topic: ...


sl232015-05-13 19:10

Thanks Midas, I've been looking at that recently, but unsure how the update works. Does it check, d/l and install any updated apps?

Also the file-system seems a bit messy for my liking, maybe just me, but at least with apps you simply chuck your apps in the folder and the menu sees them. Need to do a bit more testing to find out how things work with SyMenu before switching.


Midas2015-05-13 11:07

@sl23: you might want to have a look at SyMenu ( auto-update system...


sl232015-05-12 18:08

Nice App! Shame it you can't add apps to it and update them automatically. Would also be good to add a tray menu for launching apps and performing update checks.


david.lynch2013-03-01 03:39

Would be nice if developer had a changelog of it...


ashghost2012-10-24 00:21

@Ruby: Relative paths to subdirectories (e.g. ".\nirsoft") work for me, but not parallel directories, as in your example.


Ruby2012-10-18 20:15

WSCC will accept an absolute 'driveless' path, e.g. \portable\nirsoft but a relative path outside it's own directory, e.g. ..\portable\nirsoft does not work


rogerthedodger2011-09-04 01:22

Nice program, very nice


TP1092011-07-31 08:07

Nice! Provides integrated access of Sysinternal, Nirsoft, and Windows Utilities from an easy to use interface. The auto-update feature is appreciated.


guinness2011-06-11 21:32


gms98102011-06-10 19:37

Every time I download anything from Nirsoft Avast, Malwarebyes and spybot S&D all get upset and say it's malware. In every case it alerts me that certain applications are trying to start on their own so i'm a bit hesitant to use much from that site.


a2010-12-19 01:12

well organized, the descriptions help. search feature is a definite plus. too bad i cant add custom entries for lesser known toolkits. Anyone know how to make it automatically delete installtion files, or put them in a temp folder

Faust2010-10-13 21:40

The Nirsoft Launcher is also able to launch Sysinternals, or anything for that matter, and it's completely portable.

Clever Mind2010-02-22 01:41

FYI: The WSCC standard download is also portable. All you need to do is change the local path under options that points to each suite folder location and make it relative. You may ask, why would I want to go through the extra trouble and not just use the portable version. The reason, the standard WSCC will allow auto update of the main program unlike the portable edition where you need to update the main program manually. ( both programs allow auto update of the suites )

To make the standard download portable, change the default local path locations to " ./folder of your choice "

ex: make a new suite folder called Sysinternals & one called NirSoft in the same folder where the wscc.exe is located. Now just change the default local path location to .\Sysinternals & .\NirSoft for each suite local path.

Now you can auto update the suites and the WSCC main program.


BGM2010-01-29 17:15

Hey, this is nifty! Looks like a take on Nir's own NirLauncher, except that this wscc is a bit more friendly. I would like the tooltips to appear not as tooltips, but as info in a docked panel. I would also like to see the icon view with "small icons." I would also like to see the control panel show as a folder in the treeview.
This app has a feature which will update/install all the newest versions to the set folder for all nir programs and all sysinternals programs. It is really a good thing! Kudos!

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